The foundation and Trust of this global organisation

If a person says: Always can be better.
The need for freedom is always and everywhere.

If a child says: A job is what i want,
but i cannot go to school.

If a wise elder says; i want to teach the young to
make society without all mistakes i have done.

A person is mature;He asks, i want to work but there is no job available.

Labor is motivated by the wish to make a difference to society.
Labor is motivated by giving all of humanity the same chance of searching for satisfaction.

I Wish to work, but not to be rich,
I wish to work, but to be of avail for society.
I wish to go to school, to support the society.
I wish to be educated to fight for freedom, protection and freedom all over the world.

The Foundation, which does not exist yet, is about these essential human values.
The Foundation, gives globally equal chance of education and labor.
The Foundation is not for making profit.
The Foundation is not bound to one country.
The Foundation does not take part in war, terrorism or violence.
The Foundation has no political pre-occupation.
The Foundation is a process, not being fullfilled, not being ended.

May in the path of time, give this foundation peace and personal satisfaction.
May in the path of time, every human be given the opportunity to be a member.

Social and Economic purpose.
Social and Financial opportunity.
Cross border, International, Globalization.

Below you find some cards and documents.
For the use of making this subject known.
To make this initiative visible to serve its needs.

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