Intention to this initiative for a society based on freedom.

Cirx is just an intention towards a free form goal.
An intention to give society the bond that is needed
to make everyone equal and give equal protection, opportunity, and freedom.

Cirx has two parts to its foundation.
In short its the intention to give all people globally
the same right to have the education they want or need.
To have the right to be educated to an independent role in society.

The second part is that every person having a proof of being educated can
apply on a global level for a job being equal rewarded.

The foundation does two things, it can provide education and jobfunctions.
A couple of restrictions are; it might be available but on another place on earth.
So you should be able to move to another country, region or city.

The second restriction is; education is cheap but you are
obliged to fullfill a job as payback, whereby a job has basic salary equal for every laborer.

The intention is to provide education and income for all.without exception, without preference.

Every human on earth should have the choice, to not pursuit his own good,
but to cooperate in an initiative providing school and job and be rewarded
in a manner of equality for all.

It is a charitative intention.
to make labor available for the world.
With restrictions to make a social initiative apparent.

This intention has not found a company or supportive group yet.
So if you would like to support it, give your effort to the idea.

It is public domain to use these articles for the purpose of
creating a better world.

Intentions for a better world

When people have a life with all they want.
All luxury, All science. All Culture.
They sometimes might feel guilt when looking across the border
of their country.

Some countries are very poor, and people easily die there.
When a country in poverty needs help or support it sometimes never reaches them.

Then in the western world. Europe and America, we sometimes feel guilt.
guilt that we have for example a home with Central heating, with television,
With a filled refrigiator.

An easy instrument is to compensate that feeling is to create the trust as described in thhe trust page.
The trust is from beginning to operation day a fund where in idealistic way, the money gets used
for creating the company, the foundation as described.

When this trust, the fund gets invested in, it creates a equal chance for the world,
to access labor, to access income, to be equal to all other members.

This trust in ideal way, is available for all to join, giving all who joined a level of education
and a level of work, a job fitting their capabilities.

This trust in the early stage is funded with donations from rich people and countries.
Feeling the contrast between rich and poor, making the reason to support this fund, this trust.

May this trust, give easy feeling to all who are in guilt.
May all who want to enlarge peace and life-standard add value to this trust, this fund.

Reason of Existence

Soem people say when they have succes in business.
That because of their work, their made effort, that they deserve to be rich.
That the other part of the world is poor because they don't work, and are lazy.

This reason can be switched around,
Because there is no job-oppurtunity they cannot work, and cannot have success.

The reason of existence is not missing, the possibilitty is missing.
When people are poor. They are lazy, or they don't want to make the effort to do anything.
But in this world its just the other way around,
They do want to work, They do want to earn their living.
They have children to care for, They like to spend money for making their kids happy.

The reason of existence is not for them to be lazy, to do nothing.
It is the missing of the ability for them to work, to earn, to have income.

The reason rich people say, that poor people are lazy, and they in that way
deserve their riches is a non-reason.

This makes the call for rich people to share their abundance with those who lack it.
This makes the feeling of compassion a wise source to shine upon the world.
With all you excess.