My Book on a Foundation for Peace

A Book on Cirx. World governance for equal peace and freedom.

Paragraph 1
Prologue of a new world

Imagine that all people over the world dream on world peace.
Imagine that all people on the world long for freedom and wellfare.

Now imagine that all those dreams are recorded and put in a writing of the essence.
That imagination is a foundation with the purpose of granting equality to the earth and its residents.

An imagination of world peace; is described by the absence of aspects violating that idea.
A world peace; We can describe it as the absence of war, the absence of terrorism.
But world peace also is the gift of a job for all people needing work.
But world peace also is the gift for each young one and child to attend education they want.

Imagine that a world is filled with happy people.
would there be violence or faul play.
would there be corruption.
would there be instruments of destruction.

Now imagine that a world consists of rules creating a habitable environment.
A world where rules create a society. A society with tha chance to prosper.

This book which is at basical subject the foundation to create a lasting peace on the planet.
A book where its not important who will collaborate and fullfill this dream of global peace.
No its a book with the essence at its wise core to give everyone who wishes a hand to a better world.

The name literal is Cirx, which is a compilation of Circle,
as the basis of life which endures into perpetual time.
A circle which is everlasting, and give each point the same value.
A circle which is round and has no corners.

The Circle with the X of anonymous creation.
A X as a source for everyone wishing to support this idea.
A X as the symbol of international cooperation.
A X as a symbol of all agents working for this one goal.

The Cirx foundation as its idea may be propegated, has the title Cirx,
The organisation created and supported to fullfill this ideal may have a name
appointed by the first and ongoing agents.

Cirx which is an ideal to make everyone able to reach goals of international equal chance.
Cirx is an ideal to give everyone the same freedom in choice, chance and knowledge.
Cirx is an ideal, which grows as a drop of water in a bucket.
Each drop adds to the total, and at a certain point of time. the foundation is complete.
Cirx is an idea, as being a living creature. it grows cell by cell, untill its alive and having attained its goal.

Cirx, when choosing to cooperate, there are some basic rules.
First, its not profit-driven, its service-oriented.
Second, no fame no glory.
Third, everyone shares the same salary, the same rights, the same plight.

The ideal of Cirx is not about making profit, or making a grandious income.
Its not about making ambition and getting famous.
Its not about being chosen for a specific leadership.

As the ideal of cirx grows, and gets visible in the society.
choices are to be made according to laws in a certain age of times.
choices are to be made according to language, scientific progress and change in human behaviour.
choices are to be made according to other systems of trading, like money and the banking system.
choices are to be made according to other rights for children and the purpose by education.

As the ideal of cirx grows, and builds one block on the other.
As a system of living cells needs the change of structure to uphold it.
As a system of living cells changes in needs and possibilities.
As a system needs several parts to be able to exist in times.

But foremost; the foundation may prosper or demise, but the idea
will live and keep coming back in each time someone is searching for it.

A foundation, starts with one person, sharing the idea with colleagues.
A foundation, starts with one person, sharing the idea with family and friends.
Giving words to an idea. Giving stories to the creation of this precious goal.
The intention is a word of gold. The intention is a goal of worth.
The intention is a target to be told. The intention is a purpose yet to be evolved.
Everyone in the future may be involved

Paragraph 2
The Entrance

Cirx at the entrance of the foundation has three ways or portals to enter.
An entrance is the stepping stone to become part of this collective.
An entrance is the portal into a world of satisfaction and contentment.
The entrance is for a big part of the world an step into a new world, a new paradise.
The entrance is for a part of the world a purpose to be charitable and filled with compassion.

There is a world with great differences. There is a world where ten percent lives in abundance and welfare,
There is a world where seventy percent lives in poverty without medical care or proper protection.
There is a world where fifty percent of the children longs for a place to study and to learn.
There is a world where fifty percent of the children, if they were allowed to study they would aid the worlds civilisation.

Those misplaced all revolt by silent disobedience.
Those misplaced cry out for a better place, filling the rivers with their tears.

Thos misplaced, in certain parts wil choose sideways to behave.
A percentage chooses to turn to the underworld.
A percentage chooses to be thieves and in criminal injustice.

Those misplaced would all be brought to peace.
A large decrease of criminality.
A large decrease to the underworld.
A large decrease of complaining people about social injustice.

Imagine a road. with a white path through the blue sky;
A white path giving the rainbow as borders to a new paradise.

Imagine a road. with a white path through the desert, through the mountains.
To the country of abundance. To the country of milk and honey.

Imagine the road, at the entrance offers everyone being honest a step on
this most special path.

The entrance for children, they let hear their wish for study and learning.
The entrance for children, sacrificing personal ambition, the wish for riches.
The entrance for children, accepting a place somewhere on the world, some place to live.
Some place to do a living and attending a job and place in the labor workforce.

The entrance of adults, they when unsatisfied with their current job.
either because no social purpose or charitative meaning.
The entrance for adults, to make somewhere, where they will be appointed
a new place, a new living. with basic income. No profit, no riches.
but the satisfaction of being helpfull and good for society.

Adults can be appointed to a new place somewhere on the world.
To help the foundation there, to make the goals for the worldwide usage.

The entrance gives the opprtunity to make use of the wish to study, to work, to be of avail for society.
The entrance gives possibilities for all wishing a better life.

Because everyone shares the same salary, the same options for a job or study.
Because everyone shares the same right of wellfare and a good living.
Because everyone shares the same obligation.
This makes everyone attaining the same peace.
This makes the organisation an alternative choice for everyone on the world.

The foundation. as a living purpose for the creation of freedom and the goal of happiness.
Freedom is the possible choices you can make.
But more than freedom is the ability to choose a life of worth, of compassion, of personal contentment.

Freedom is the choice to aim for a life of riches or fame.
But more than freedom is the choice to be befriended to the world.
Working together, Working for one goal. Working to goodness in society.
Working under equal circumstances and at highest worth for society.

Paragraph 3
Adding color to the Essence

The path of white light, persevering from the sky to the earth.
The path of white breaking as a prism to colorized features.
The path, creating with the white source, a range of colors.
Colors everyone do admire.

The essence of this goal, with words of a foundation,
is like the white light, making all world have light.

The essence of this foundation is white.
But all its members take form in a range of colors.
As white makes colors of blue, green, yellow, orange.
As white makes light by which everything can be perceived.

All darkness gets expelled, All suffering in society gets the warmth of compassion.
All life on earth is shined upon by this radiance of light.

The white color of daylight as the source of meditation,
is as the souurce of giving new knowledge as a method of
social awareness to a medium of wisdom.

Imagine that white light gets to be green light.
Its purpose to sustain the earthly natural abundance.
Animals, Plants, Water, ground. It may all have a place for
the safety of what long times ago existed, and what may exist in the far future.
The color green as the pureness of the natural surroundings.
The color green as to prepare the worlds nature able to exist into our future.
Making a part of the world a natural preserve.

Imagine that white light gets to be orange.
A world filled with our human fellows. our human friends, families.
That orange color as the happiness of all us.
All humans happy with their life.
Happiness not built on weak ice. but as a lasting source,
made by science, tradition, culture and religion.

Happiness of everyone fullfiling their life's dream.
Happiness as everyone attends a job with complacency.

Happiness because everyone has a salary to spend on the things they like.
Happiness as making friends becomes easy.

By the light of providence, as it may be called.
All on this world can enjoy the peace of personal freedom and happiness.

As children give in to freedom to get educated and at higher freedom when adult.
As criminals give in to freedom under force, to give society a higher freedom by protection.
As eldery give in to freedom to teach the young about rules and values. knowledge and wisdom.

To sacrifice freedom, is to be granted more freedom in the future.
To sacrifice freedom, is a good case to get better intentions.

Freedom without a chance to attain it is useless.
Freedom of which no one can profit is useless.
Freedom when giving pain or suffering is useless.

Freedom is only in the combination with happiness a good choice.

Paragraph 4
The danger zone

The following statements or lines are as example of what a bad influence can be.
Following statements are subject of dangerous actions or serving dangerous purposes.
  • Members elect themselves to be leader with special privileges.

  • profit is passed from the foundation to individuals, without collective purpose

  • children in education are being exploited for tasks

  • the members oblige favors compensated with protective services

  • scientific discoveries get transferred from the control of the foundation to leaving members.

  • the reward, the basic income gets to be coercion for admission with special interests.

  • Education gets to be monopolized instead of a chance to grow.

  • The foundation grows a political agenda, without intent of the essence serving the greater good.

  • The treasure of the foundation is used by members for international conflicts, war or terrorism.

  • Members are forced to live in a country far away without primary avail.

  • If the foundation is the largest and sole company, products and services made by it get sold at high price.

  • Countries forbid inhabitants to join this foundation, because it counters capitalism.

  • When members add value to the foundation they want to be specially rewarded. Which is against the rule of basic income for all.

  • The idea of the foundation and its details are being compromised by which the essence is not anymore valid.

  • When the foundation has a savings account with high value,
    members in control decide to spend it all instead of saving for the future with possible hard times.

  • Countries in poverty ask for support of the foundation, but leave after being aided.

  • When international war is on the planet, the foundation is used as bait.

  • When the foundation is considered with esteem, it might ask special requisites of joining members.

  • The foundation could oblige joining members to attend a specific direction in teaching for future jobs.
    Instead of the free choice or educational studies.

  • When members are dealing with bad powers such as demons or devils, they will be expelled.

  • Freedom of religious worship, no intrude of a specific religion

Paragraph 5
Cinx the foundation for education

A step on the road to a planetary time of wellfare.
The mission of Cirx is to create an oppurtunity for people to
assist in the goal of creating basic income and a decent job for all.

The joining of this foundation is mostly to accept a place in education,
when already educated to have a job on a place where needed.

The foundation is international which means that education and jobs can be anywhere on the planet.
Of course decent values and rules are applicable.

When a new member applies to be educated, the foundation in ideal intention has
an educational facility with the choice of expertism the member likes.

This educational facility, several because the jobroles it provides for can be many,
can be anywhere on earth.

For example a facility of it profession is in china, and a facility to teach art and graphical design
can be in France.

The step onto the road of a nice and modest life begins with knowing what to do.
Whether one is studied already, or is a total blank screen.

The part in the foundation that is used for education can have a double goal.

the first is to provide training and education for all the new members.
Because when they work for the foundation it is needed a professional qualification.

The second is a geste to society. The part of education by which no future membership is needed.
It has a different system of funding.

countries partaking in this program can be asked to provide a percentage of the costs to be solved.
The other part of funding is the individual which chooses a study.
While studying they get provided for the school,
but afterwards they are obliged topay back their study fees.
Each year ten percent of their income, and with a total of ten years.

This last rule is to maintain a status without large deficit for the foundation.

The part of foundation that has education as its scope is called 'Cinx.'

This Cinx foundation is the primary goal to make education available in all times
at reasonable costs, and reasonable outcome.

When in the world a famine or war strucks society, this foundation is the first resilient,
adding to peace a good time of education.

Paragraph 6
Freedom of religious practice

In the current day in a decent country there is a law that gives every inhabitant a free choice in what
religion they are active.

People have the freedom to follow religions like christianity, hinduim, buddhism.
That right is to practise a religion or belief to improve their own life.
or to give meaning to waht they are.

Religion is a way of life to make a living more fruitfull.
Faith gives people a way to be active and serve the good of society.

The foundation is primary for giving people all over the world
a chance to help build a society.

Education is the goal to give all members an equal choice in what and where to serve.

In the history we see that wars on religion strike parts of the world leaving a
famine and deserted land to its successors.

In the time that religion enforced on a country we see laws of torture to force all inhabitants to the same way of life
In the past we see bad examples of what religion can do.
The cathars were prosecuted, as one example of the many which where part of such actions.

As Cirx has no part in religion it is free to attend religion as you like.
As Cirx is not a religious company it has like some countries the freedom of religious practice.

There is one requisite,
that the worship or activity regarding bad powers are prohibited.
When devils or demons are in rituals, that member is being expelled.
Also bad powers serving destruction, corruption, war or terrorism are prohibited
to follow with the penance to be banished from being member of the foundation

The idea and essence of the foundation may be influenced by devotion or prayer to the Allmighty,
but is not enforced on members, but allows freedom of religious practice.

The definition of a religion in each time, each century is the act of realising that
a superior being, a greater power, which sees the individual, and is able to judge its actions.

A religion, has the description of believing that life is on this earth with a reason.
That life is part of a greater unit. And has as its purpose a greater good.

A religion, gives a name to that higher being. From Christianity to Buddhism or Hinduism.
Some higher beings use a prophet or angel to give its message.
Named in each religion with a name describing the message it gives.

All religions, give the purpose of human life a reason that exceeds life.
All religions, give the need of living by prayer to that Higher being.

Religions, are directing life force towards goodness, towards wisdom, towards virtues.

Because religion is part of a basic need, it is in the basic human right to be allowed to choose your religion.
Religion in the act of prayer, ritual and philosopohy.

The foundation of Cirx and Cinx, support the basic right in freedom of religion and religious practice.
But with the restriction of being non-harmfull and non-damaging life of yourself, of others, including members of humanity.

Paragraph 7
Everyone has an asset

We are all equal in the human form, and human ability to act.
We are all equal in the basic rights of the constitution.
We all have the right to make life, a living day. from morning to night,
filled with all things we like, we want, or are obliged to.

As every human is different, in facial sight, in body features, intelligence.
And the goals we all personally have.

Every human has an asset in which he excells. in which he is best.
The goal of Cirx is not to demolish the best things of a person,
it is not a goal to make all humans with the same form, the same clothing, the same education.
It is not a goal to make every human, write with the right hand, draw with the left.
Or step out of bed with the wrong leg.

As humans are in essence all different.
As humans have all multicolored wishes.
Children choose their own path in life, guided by their parents.
Adults choose the culture they want to be part of.
Elder people choose which wisdom to share.

Every person has an asset.
An asset making that person special.
An asset making that person in his or her way beautifull.

The purpose of this foundation is to support that creativity.
The purpose of this foundation is to give all assets the best way to realise it.

In the best possible future;
This foundation is lauded for its effort to
share each asset in the best job, in the best way to give
that beautifull glance to the world.

Each asset given realisation is a gem on the painting of this world.

Paragraph 8
Reasons and needs

The need for a change in society is only when all the citizens require a change because
of war, terrorism, famine or other major disasters.

When war strucks a country, the people when in the danger zone,
try to find ways to overcome the damage and crimes.

In short there is a proverb saying that only when the needs arise,
a solution finds it way to the problem.

Cirx as a social initiative is pointless if everyone is happy.
Cirx as a way or chance for people to get happy is pointless
if noone in society is forgotten or has an inferior status.

Cirx is not a collective like the communistic ideals.
Cirx is not a kapitalist system like in america, europe and other parts on the planet.

Cirx is an intermediary, it has in its description words
both from systems like communism and kapitalism.
But also from monarchy or republic ideals.

The need for a foundation as Cirx is only when
people see the necessity and the need for forgotten parts
in the world to be accounted for.

Persons who are very rich, will not see the use of
such a foundation, becasue they already have their wishes fulfilled
with their riches.

Very poor people usually have no voice or part in the international
political dialogues.

In short, a new voice, a new time, an evolution can only take place
when the population is in serious trouble an needs the solution
even when the costs are high.

Say for example a third world war strikes our modern world.
A rocket from america damaging all electronic devices
and erasing all computer-data, everyone seeks a method
to get food and shelter.

Another example, a disease, a virus strucks the population.
People go searching for cure, and soap to wash.

Only after such a radical situation gives the need
for a better organized society.

Only very bad things give way for the need of good things.
Only suffering creates the need to heal, for recovery.

The need for Cirx, arises with the need to provide
the whole of society with a level of employment and income
in an equal way. In a equal status for everyone
who endorse the constitution, and basic plights.

Paragraph 9
Money and its means

There is one substance,
creating the need to have it abundantly
There is one substance,
making honesty and virtue without meaning.
There is one substance,
Creating roads and paths where there should be none.
There is one substance,
creating bad things without punishment.

That substance, is the value of money.
It creates riches, without abiding the law or constitution.
It creates a level of superiority.
It creates the weight of hierarchy.

If someone is dumb and poor,
noone needs to support an take him serious.
If someone is rich and dumb,
All feeble wishes have a place.

Money is the factor which erases honesty.
Money is the factor keeping the poor in a poor condition.
Money is the factor keeping the good things, science, luxery only for the happy small group.

Money if it leaves footsteps,
We see it steps from the rich, to the luxery, to the big companies.
Money if it leaves a shadow,
we see the poor are in the shadow not seeing the sun.
Money if it leaves a shadow,
We see that sick, dying, and disables ones are not getting care or cure.

The factor of money in society.
It gives a factor to have a job, have a savings account,
To buy a house with a large loan.

The factor of money in society,
If you have children, the need to feed them, violates principals.
If you have a partner or close friend.
you work in day and night to have money
to support there sick siblings,
or to buy gifts to please them.

Some books with wise words, like conficius, zen, buddhists.
state that when money would be rejected by society,
everyone gets happy. all the stuff needed for living
gets divided equally.

Theories about money state that when
money is taken away,
noone will work anymore, noone needs to see that for a society work is needed.
Noone will do anything to support it.

The wise view on this subject is not in one word, to say
it is a vice or virtue to have money in society.

But when you do one thing, the result gets in the same line.

Money creates rich and poor.
As well as medical care creates health and disregarded.

The point for this paragraph about money is that
for a econommical science an extra point is needed
to see the use of such a initiative of cirx.

When the political represants are happy, the need for a
political change is not needed.

When the political is governed by the rich,
there is no need to feed the poor.

When the political is cared and cured for.
and has good health,
What need is there for a medical care with chance of entrance
for all sick and with diseases. also for those who cannot afford it.

Cirx is an inititative,
by equal income, everyone has a chance to buy what he needs,
to have medical care, to have a good job,
and to have a decent living.

Cirx is an initiative,
With values recognizing the needs of everyone.
with valeus recognizing that money is a tool in place of a goal.
with values recognizing that humans have the same hardship of pain and suffering.
With values recognizing that science serves humanity.

Paragraph 10
Science and discoveries

Every scientist wants to be lauded for his or her work for science.
Every scientist has a goal for doing what is needed.
A goal is sometimes the admiration of discovering a good tool or service.
other times its a goal to earn money and have a life with happiness.

sometimes we see that companies,
when having a scientific breakthrough
puts a big price on it for others.

sometimes we see that when a scientific discovery
has a wrong influence on society.
Say it hurts capitalism, its vanishing from the world.

its both good and bad.
A nuclear medicine gives restoration of health for people.
But it can be used for bad purpose also.

a cure like vaccination,
it helps people getting their health,
But with a larger dosis, it can kill people.

It has good and bad sides.
And knowledge of both sides
can give a protection to it.

Science, in the normal world is sometimes
subject to restrict only for a certain group in society.
or is subject to start war or terrorism.

In the foundation of cirx.
Because everyone has equal and basic income.
Because everyone had the same chance for a good study.
without pre-election or bad conditions,
This means science, breakthroughs and discoveries are
named and property of the foundation.
But important is property without the right to give high price, cost, or unfaitfull conditions.

Becasuse the foundation is owner of the discoveries,
there can be no extre costs like patents.

The foundation may base the minimal costs to help support
the discovery of important needs.

But the foundation is in the core, and essence,
mostly public domain.

Which gives society the share on goodness.
The share of goodness to form science for the aid of society.
To share the highest science, with the larges supplement.

Science, it is discovered by one or a couple.
It is shared for the whole society.
Giving the highest use for the best and all discoveries.

Science is not any longer for the happy few.
Smart televisions, smart electrical cars, computers able to
give every fantasy an artwork.

Hospitals with expensive treatments only for the millionairs.
Companies with directors and executives getting bonusses.

This no longer suites the whole world,
Thus science is not anylonger the blessing of some few.

Paragraph 11
A glance on capitalism

The essence on capitalism is the right to be an owner of a certain object or service.
The essence on capitalism is when someone owns an object, service or piece of information,
That the owner may forbid or allow all uses with it.

In this economical system, the free offer and request is the motor behind
the trading of the goods, services and objects.

Capitalism, when science progresses more and more is being divided in ownership,
possesion or usage-rights.

Capitalism, with the dividing of all things on earth there is the risc
that also goods or objects which are common sense are being claimed.

The happy few, the hundred of very rich nature.
They have the ownership of the eighty percent of all possesions on earth.
All things on earth are valued in money, as money is a generic system for trading.

With the division of money and all the things represeted in it,
the corruption and fraud is the dark side of the medal.

Corruption and fraud both illegal and legal.
Illegal is when a law of a country makes it forbidden,
legal is when a country allows trading or creating capital without taxes or restrictions.

The economical system of capitalism,
creates a majority who fight for money to spend at the basic needs.
A majority have no full access to medical care, vacation spending,
or luxery like a television, computer or phone.

The capitalists had the benefit to create their abundanct money position because
they had advantage during a war and other society-changes.

As capitalism gives the normal human being the feeling
he has to fight for his life, its not the ultimate way to happiness for the world.

Capitalism, it advocates freedom, but freedom is pointless if it doesn't lead to happiness
or good health.

Capitalism advocates freedom, but its taken by all the people living for war, and personal pursuit.
Capitalism advocates freedom, of which all money is owned by a few super rich persons.

Paragraph 12
A glance on communism

In the past both russia and china have had a communistic regime.
A communism political system of governing a region.

The communistic ideal is not tainted by dishonest individuals.
By communism every citizen acquires the same income, each year, each period.
By communism every citizen is obliged to work.

The same for every one.
No leaders get more than the least.

Communism is a great ideal,
A great idea to give honest living as a birthright to all inhabitants.

Communism, with governments as in russia with 5 year plans.
A collective workforce, appointing jobs to every person.

As the capitalism elsewhere in the world thrives,
the communism had a backlash because the individuals had
no wish to get profit by working hard.

The communistic regime, is by ideal, the most
honest form to give people income.
Becasue everyone has the same income.
With closed borders, there would be no corrupcy,
no international hiding profits and treasury.

A negative detail is that people gets appointed a certain job.
A job which is not always the wish of the individual.
When jobs are not chosen by the individual the effort is lower.

Changes to the ideal of communism,
would be;
giving the individual the choice which education, which job to handle.
giving the constitution a place with freedom like western countries.
freedom of religious practice, freedom of expression, freedom of philosophy.

In the ideal, a close border gives the corruption and fraud no place in the country.
Because high position cannot safeguard their riches in outside countries.

The system of communism, in this world its not anymore implementable
by the excess of capitalisic driven countries.

It would have a big enemy.

Paragraph 13
A glance on democracy

Half of the modern world is governed by democracy.
In lower or greater form.

A democracy means that the inhabitants of a country,
have voice in politics.

The political council which decides which way to go
as a country.

By spending treasury on subjects like military, medical care,
education, infrastructure.

By taxing everyone on income or profit.
By taxing goods to be bought.
By taxing import and export.

Democracy, is a step towards a country not governed by the rich, the mighty or the elected,
but governed in a way the people like.

Democracy is a political system which is relativity slow.
Each decision is to be made and agreee upon by a council.

when war or terrorism hs a big factor,
most countries change to wards martial law system.
War is fought back to most by system giving
the leaders the swift task to underminde bad things.

Martial law, that is basical a government with the option of police or military
to defend and uphold the society.

A democracy with martial law,
is a contradiction. the law to be permitted violence as response to criminality.
While the democracy, would choose to leave in freedom as a part of society with rights according
to the constitution.

Democracy, is a political system where science has a basic level.
If people are smart, they know which rules or which values are best fit

if people are dumb, they cannot fully be responsable for
decisions they not understand. Then a government should have
other means to serve society.

Democracy is according to the constitution,
a way of government with the least side-effect.

Paragraph 14
A glance on Republic goverment

As we see in the United States a republic is a government system
that rules in a idealistic way as a just and social system.

A republic is the government ruled by a single president.
A president that decides as the crowd pleases.

A president when it follows as the will of the country,
will have the goodwill of the citizens in the country.

A president, when chosen by the country,
is to have the responsebility to govern in a way
the citizens would agree with.

In the United States the battle is between a democracy and a republic.
Both the choice of the citizens in a two way governmental form.

To make the republic the best way of governing it has
to represent the citizens and its goodwill.

A president chosen by the public must have the ability
to rule in a just and reasonable way.

In an idealistic way a republic and its president
should be educated in the all the details regarding governing.

Education about how to decide important laws,
with the consent of the citizens.

Education about which law system is legally just.
Which things are priority, or source of demise.

Ofcourse a president is chosen because the people are in favor to him.
but many subjects about governing are techniques to be learned.

Also there is the art of creating statements,
statements as the source of intended directions.

Paragraph 15
Period of transition

Every country who has a stable government, is planned for long time.
A republic which governs and the crowd accepts will not change its structure.
A democratic government will not easily start a dictatorship.

A country withous stability will accept any solution which
sounds like a good change.

A change towards a country with prosperity for all the citizens,
labor for all to have an income.
medical care and education.

Important parts of a healthy government.
When the country is emptied by large organisations,
the habitants will complain.

When a country is on the border of a government not in favor of the people,
there is a transition time.

From a bad government to a good one.
Whether it will be a democratic or a republic government.

Sometimes the big boys use a big brother is watching you,
or a martial kind of keeping or getting the government safe.

A martial law is a government which uses military
to subdue any resistance.

The transition is a period where a short time a negative law is used
to create the foundation for a lasting peacefull and honest government.

Paragraph 16
Statesmen of the past

When we look at the history of our civilisation.
A past time of, in our vision, primitive societies.
The greek, the roman, the pagan times of government.

The greek had their time of large temples.
The roman were organised like a martian society.
the pagans did the introduction to currentday republic,
by having the knight and castle society.

The greek had some philosophers like Marcus Aurelius,
but also Sparta and Odysseus.

The roman had their statesmen like lycurgus and seneca.

Of which lycurgus was a example of the citizens-consent-deal.

Every citizen in his time had to sign a contract,
to hold the law, to have a job, and to add to society.

When citizens apply to a contract, they are justifyable to

A citizens contract obliges the citizen to comply with
the rules of the government.

Lycurgus; was the first who had such a rule for his society.

The second example is Seneca, who made the government possesing
a council of elderly people. Who in his vision were the wise men.

The council was a part on the decisionmaking government.
Of which the term Senator, and Senate origins.

If we loop at the past, more examples of statesmen are there.
But these two are the pillars of democracy,
and the pillars of concrete government.

Because today every citizen of a country has an id-card.
a Passport and a birthcertificate, the law of Lycurgus
would be easy to implement.

And because the senate already has a place in government,
it would be easy to have three councils,
one democratic choosen from inhabitants of the country,
one senate made from elderly people.
And once council of experts, to give hands to solutions.

And because a republic has the requisite of fast decision making
and influence in the state-affairs. the use of a president
is visible a good instrument as long as he is checked by the councils.

A government choosing these structural instruments to rule a country,
has a slow pace towards wellfare, prosperity, and global coorporation.

Paragraph 16
Application by Questionnaire

For everyone reading this book, and being interested
in its foundation, either to learn, profit or support.
It's a foundation without current grounds on this planet and economy.

As its not being a formed foundation yet, there is
no method of acquiring an education or job yet.
But for every one who longs for the same result.

As religion gives methods too being described.

Asking a godhead a lifetask, education,
or in regular prayer to be teached,
either by facility, library or digital.

As prayer about those subjects can give
in an easy manner the same result.

Education fitting the person,
a job giving modal salary,
or supporting a societal goal.
or in philantrophy or volunteering.

As Cinx the education facility,
and Cirx the labor foundation,
is based as an idea in the ground
of a prayer to provide for all humans
a path to a life with the feeling of
being an addition to reality and society.
The job, the role always wanted
able to combine education with
personal interests in the theme of choice
Without being bound to divert from
the sole reason of discovering life.

Paragraph 17
Paradise the eye of a green lady; the glance on her eyes

As we look in the eyes of a girl a lady,
yes more than a beauty, more than a lovely one.

As we look in the eyes of a girl a lady,
Yes her eyes green her hair red.
Yes a paradise in only a glance,
yet a dream a fantasy yes the dust of dreams.

As we look in the eyes a green color
yes twirled hair, red. just one glance a day.

We all see a temple made of pure silver,
yes more a church made of gold,
more still to see, a paradise of greem,
and a superlative, a heaven made of blue.

We only see one color at a time,
some a concept away, yes one piece
all times just one time ahead.

Some are christian,
a small concept of Christ.

Others are hinduism,
a small concept one god a time.

Still others not religion,
yes fathercountry,
motherlanguage, yes me
one philospoher away.

I travelled the earth,
only books to read,
yes i saw a concept
above all others,

Yes a holy one,
above all concepts,
time itself,

The spring waters of time
all concepts bound to one.
Everywhere the glance of a mirror.
I just learned all with silver.
only a small layer,
yes i bought a real one.

Its only one prayer,
or poem away. green eyes
yes red hair, twirled,

I met her every day,
Yes more, a blond lady
blue eyes. at the railway station.