Ideals by the social function of Cirx

  • Ideal of worldwide peace

  • Ideal of everyone wishing to work, can have a job

  • Ideal, a person educated can have a job on his level of education

  • Man, Woman, Young, old, white, black, equal rights.

  • Cirx global active, locally placed.

  • All members equal salary. Equal level of expenditure.

  • All members educated by Cirx or Cinx, obliged to work for recompense.

  • All profit is used for global society. global poverty, global medical level, fugitive support.

  • All profit is not added to salary of a certain group being member or leading the foundation.

  • Politics are not subject to change the way the foundation works or is active.

  • No money of the foundation is given to countries, royals or business man.

  • Everyone wishing to help this initiative, is responsible for his own actions.

  • No copyright to this intention, No patents to this idea. Public Domain.

  • If someone on earth says: i wanted to be teached a job,
    i wanted to work because iam trained.
    But there was none. Then this initiative partly has failed.

Ideals for a Future world

  • Freedom as a basic human right.
    Giving equal chance for succes to all.

  • Equal access to luxery. Technology of good living.
    Making things as good clothing, warm houses, food processing, television or radio
    available to all.

  • For everyone wanting to have a carreer or a job, one can apply for it in an easy way
    without getting rejected on reasons of nonsense..

  • All people longing for a relationship, that the true one passes the road.
    giving a relationship to all who wants that gift.
    Including to raise children and have a good old day as grandpa or grandma.

  • That war is not existing anymore.
    A myth from the past. A way to have peace all over the world.
    The whole world, the whole planet. In peace and free trade boundaries.
    No corrupt countries, no corrupt governments.
    Equal access for all countries to riches and fame.

  • Everyone wishing a good education or study.
    Getting a application form and gets an invatation for just the right study they wanted.
    Miraculously getting a road to the professionalism they need. (in study, school, facility, place)

  • Poverty on the world, diminishes and vanishes in total
    as world transgresses to the whole of a good leadership.
    Like the United Nations, but with a furhtering of administration.
    giving countries more responsability. Giving UN a mandate to create peace and prosperity.
    As Poverty vanishes everyone giving their good will to the civilisation on this planet.

  • When we all see the insight of the mutual agreement on a good world.
    We see that the richt give their income to give basic rights to the poverty-regions.
    We see that the most famous, make their effort to create television, songs, all kinds of communication,
    to make wisdom available to all people on earth. Giving basic understanding to all.

  • Instead of gambling for money.
    Instead of lotteries the prizes go to the most-needing on the planet.
    Everyone can apply for a price, but a honest council decides who is getting the prize. Prizes.
    Making happiness more common on this little planet.
    The council is democratic, comes from all countries, and the prizes not in only the rich countries.

  • A special council on earthly matters.
    Gives attention to make climate, nature, wildlife, regions to a healthy place.
    giving the world regions of unattended nature.
    But as well, cleaning spots of waste. by the combined effort of all on the earth.

  • A free choice of life-sight.
    People can choose to live with the mind making all intellectual decisions and plans,
    or choose to make the mind ineffective and live with intuition as the basis of action.

  • Every human on earth should have access to medical service.
    Caring for all sickness and defects.
    As science progresses all curing and caring becomes effective.
    All diseases are cureable. And will be cured.
    No matter where you are born, where you live.
    Every human gets healed at sickness.
    Every human gets treated with flaws in the body.
    Medical care will be advanced in a way all and everything is treatable.
    Medical care without costs exceeding income or profts.

A dream on ideals for riches

  • We sometimes critizise rich people.
    Living in luxury at the expense of normal or lowlife people

  • We sigh on the sight of the rich getting what they want out of the ordinary.
    They getting richer, without much effort. They getting the supercool stuff.

  • To change such a situation is not possible without their own effort and permission.
    They have to see the same point of what can be.
    In order for the world to change, all actions have to give their consent to it.

  • For them to comply, they need the assurance they will not be harmed, damaged or made inferior.
    For them to comply they need to have a certain level of luxury left.
    Otherwise they cannot see the avail of it.

  • For those rich people there is a couple of intentions to make the surplus equal.
    It is not forbidden to have money. But the use of it makes the good side or bad side.

  • When intentions are towards making money a decent factor in life.
    Money can be a subject of loaning out without interest.
    This makes all people getting a loan, a decent way to get profit or to get good.

  • the instrument of money being used in a good way is not of owning it.
    but on how its used and spend.
    The precursor of a world with abstract money,
    is to give the numbers, the invisible way, to a good cause.
    Even when the money is owned by a rich, it has a good use for it.

  • Another use for money for the rich is to invest in art, buildings, tradition and culture.
    buildings can be used to give housing to poor ones, without high rent.
    and art as well as culture are not basically valued in money.
    Giving the future a glance on the past.